Amongst our wide range of customized immigration solutions, here are the most commonly offered:

Let TREMBLAY IMMIGRATION become your Immigration Services Provider!


Canadian and U.S. Immigration Services.

Being headquartered in Canada with over 18 years of experience with all the range of services, TREMBLAY IMMIGRATION is with no doubt your best option for all your Canada-USA Immigration matters. With our flat fee policy and our well-established reputation for rapidity and responsiveness, you will know what to expect in each and every cases.

Global Immigration Services.

We are one of the rare Law Firms truly involved in all Global Immigration matters, having dealt with or coordinate hundreds of cases in over 100 different countries so far. Many of them on a regular basis!


Services to Corporations

Many corporations have decided to either develop an “in-house” immigration Practice or revert back to a Regional approach. TREMBLAY IMMIGRATION is designed to support your “in-house” Global Immigration Teams.

Dedicated support to Global Relocation Industry

Every experts in the industry should be focusing on what they perform the best. But there is no reason why Immigration and Relocation teams should not work closely together. Let us be your Immigration expert advisors and affiliated production team!