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Corporate Immigration Services

The core of our business is fast-paced, high-volume immigration services. 

From Intra-Company transfers, to the LMIA, and Permanent Residency applications, our firm has the expertise and production capacity to fully support your Canadian-bound Executives and Experts.

Take advantage of our FREE PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT services, to rapidly know what are the best available options for you or your employees.

Most frequently used categories:

- Temporary resident visas (TRV) for business visitors;

- Emergency repair personnel work permits;

- Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA);

- NAFTA (USMCA) professionals and all other FTA agreements categories;

- Intra-company transfers;

- Francophone Stream Work Visas and Permanent Residency;

- Start-up and Entrepreneurs visas;

- Traders and Investors;

- Express Entry Permanent Residency applications;

- Provincial Nominees Programs;

- Québec CAQ’s and CSQ’s;

- Reciprocity Visas;

- Status Restorations;

When past criminality is involved (including D.U.I.’s) when can also support you with these required applications when needed:

-Temporary Resident Permits;

-Permanent Rehabilitation;





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