Services to Corporations


We let you run your own Service. However, it doesn’t mean you should not benefit from the full “know-how” and expertise of a true Professional Law Firm in this field.

We provide an unparalleled level of partnership and information sharing with your in-house department, which is not otherwise available in the industry. These highly specialized and customized services are all available at a very low and predictable “flat-fee” rate. And it can include all, or some, of the below:


-Strategic Consultations, benchmarking, policy building;

-“Live” Alerts, News and Updates with comments specifically addressing how it may impact your operations;

-Extra “hands” for peak periods or emergency situations;

-Full fledge immigration “Managed Services”;

-Compliance reviews and audits;

-24/7 Border Emergency Services;

-Any other level of support that might be helpful to you.