One of the World’s leading Global Visa & Immigration services providers,

with over 18 years of experience obtaining Work Permits and Permanent Residency in more than 100 different countries,

Tremblay Immigration offers the most complete, fast-paced and cost-efficient support in the industry.

Tired of the traditional firms in the market place? Let Phil Tremblay and his team become your dedicated experts!


Canadian and U.S. Immigration Services.

Being headquartered in Canada with over 18 years of experience with all the range of services, TREMBLAY IMMIGRATION is with no doubt your best option for all your Canada-USA Immigration matters. With our flat fee policy and our well-established reputation for rapidity and responsiveness, you will know what to expect in each and every cases.

Global Immigration Services.

We are one of the rare Law Firms truly involved in all Global Immigration matters, having dealt with or coordinate hundreds of cases in over 100 different countries so far. Many of them on a regular basis!


Services to Corporations

Many corporations have decided to either develop an “in-house” immigration Practice or revert back to a Regional approach. TREMBLAY IMMIGRATION is designed to support your “in-house” Global Immigration Teams.

Dedicated support to Global Relocation Industry

Every experts in the industry should be focusing on what they perform the best. But there is no reason why Immigration and Relocation teams should not work closely together. Let us be your Immigration expert advisors and affiliated production team!


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  • Phil is an accomplished entrepreneur and consummate professional, lending his business acumen to local, national and international organizations focusing on strategic workforce mobility planning. I highly recommend Phil to any organization in need of turnkey immigration solutions. He has a customer-centric approach and has shown strong leadership skills during my tenure at Lessard Tremblay, Attorneys.
    Vincent P.
  • I had the wonderful privilege of working with Phil when he was a Fragomen here in Toronto. Phil was given the difficult task of very quickly finding new premises for his company in the financial core of downtown Toronto. CBRE was acting as their real estate advisor and Phil was entrusted with moving the company, overseeing the selection of the real estate, the construction of the premises, and the selection of the furniture all in less than 12 weeks.. It was a very compact process where you needed to be able to analyze the scenario, make quick decisions and stick by them. Philip’s sense of humour and ability to work well with others on his team were great assets under the immense time constraints we were all under. He even found time to play the greatest April’s fool’s joke on me that to this date no one has rivaled. I would highly recommend Phillip as a client and a professional to work with. The experience was rewarding on all fronts.
    Scott H.
  • Phil Tremblay is an energetic, personable, effective lawyer and business person. I have had numerous dealings with Phil over the years and would recommend him to any one who is seeking business law advice, particularly for Canada-U.S. cross-border matters. Tom Creary
    Tom C.
  • I am pleased to recommend Philippe. Philippe is an expert in his field. No waste of time, just plain efficiency! Being myself a business attorney, I did want a someone that knows his Immigration law inside and out. Also , I needed someone with a keen practical sense for any recommendations. He has it all! Thank you Philippe.
    Luc A.
  • I worked under Philip's supervision for over a year while he was the Team Leader at Fragomen (Canada). I have been consistently impressed by both Philip's attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with both our clients and our staff. Philip has excellent listening and interviewing skills. Philip also possesses solid bilingual writing skills which have enabled him to compose quality correspondence. He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions. His ability to remain unflustered during peek priods proved his ability to work well under pressure. His excellent interpersonal skills also allowed him to grow the practice while maintaining excellent moral among the staff.
    Zeinat M.
  • There is great comfort in being able to pick up the phone and speak to an expert who will represent you well and offer you sound advice. Phil is always there when we need him and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.
    Tony R.
  • Working with Phil at Fragomen was one of the best things in my professional career. He provided guidance and insight into the world of Corporate Immigration. His management style and professionalism made Fragomen a great place to work. During times of large case volume, Phil always had the ability to manage the anxiety level in the office and keep staff upbeat under high stress circumstances. He was always fair in his decisions and mediated issues within the office efficiently. Phil's knowledge of business immigration and creative thinking is a large part of why mobility specialists, human resources, directors, and other executive positions always turn to him for advice. He is a great leader and mentor in the business immigration field
    Jessica L.
  • New business and a new client can be a challenge, at least, until a relationship develops. Philippe made it so easy...It is a dream to work with him, and, it is always a pleasure to be of service,
    Anna S.
  • Phil has a eye for strategic future of a business and for the importance of building solid relationships with clients and business partners.The firm he co-founded grew through hard work in a competitive field, thanks to those relationships and vision.
    Nick M.
  • I had the privilege of working with Philip at Fragomen Canada for 2 years, while he was Country Leader. Philip was a fantastic manager and boss. Not only was he able to ease the stresses of immigration law and a growing practice, he instilled a sense of team within the office. His extensive immigration expertise also enabled him to drive the team and act as a mentor not only to me but many of my colleagues. His charisma and outgoing personality made him approachable to staff and clients alike. I wish nothing but the best for Philip and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future
    Angela A.
  • Phil Tremblay was a remarkable Manager. He was my first employer who gave me a chance working in immigration law. Phil embarked professionalism, passion and dedication in all his work. He is someone that is inspiring and motivates his employees.
    Erica T.
  • J’ai eu l’occasion de d’apprécier le travail et le professionnalisme de Philippe Tremblay alors qu’il travaillait chez Lessard Tremblay Avocats au Canada. Il est notamment intervenu à Paris à plusieurs reprises lors de conférences sur la mobilité internationale où il a animé des séminaires et ateliers sur les procédures et statuts d’expatriation. C’est avec enthousiasme que je recommande Philippe Tremblay à tous ceux qui souhaiteraient faire appel à ses services
    Laurent G.
  • Philippe a une bonne connaissance du domaine des TI, il est très orienté client et prend le temps de comprendre le contexte et situation avant d'offrir des solutions. Au niveau du développement des affaires et relation client, Philippe maitrise très bien ce rôle. J'ai travaillé avec Philippe via différentes firmes et son approche ouverte et dédiée est toujours présente.
    Nancy C.
  • I had the pleasure of knowing Phil while I was working at Morgan Stanley as VP HR. Morgan Stanley hires many employees internationally and Phil has been helpful in assisting me with the complicated procedures and paperwork in order to ensure that all was done legally and clean. I would recommend Phil at all time.
    Martine B.
  • Phil is a hard-working, smart, able to digest and interpret vasts amount of legal information to serve the needs of his customers. He is very accomodating and a pleasure to work with. A true professional
    Martin C.
  • Phil was not only meticulous but very aware of all the details involved with each case and the time sensitivity required to carry out each mandate. His clients were treated with sensitivity and given regular status updates in order to alleviate stress so they could carry out their work and plan accordingly. Knowledgeable, detailed and solid work.
    Tracy B.
  • While at Perot Systems , I had the pleasure of having Phil work on our Immigration matters in Canada. Phil is is very proactive, highly knowledgeable, and extremely personable. He really knows his stuff and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the highest level of customer service is provided!
    Debbie O.
  • PT is an ingenious country leader who led the practice to great success. Not only is he a creative, charismatic leader, he was a great boss who was always available when you needed advice. He is talented with a wealth of knowledge and provide the best service to his clients.
    Yen T
  • I had the privilege of working with Phil several times. Phil was always willing to go the extra mile to reach out to clients and customers and took the time to make himself available to explain options and think outside of the box. I had several clients comment on his professionalism and how he quickly won their trust. He was consistently upbeat and responsive. He is a true expert on immigration in Canada.
    Bret W.
  • I had the pleasure of working with Philippe during his tenure at Fragomen. During this time, he acted not only as my direct supervisor, but also my mentor. He led with fantastic energy, in-depth knowledge of immigration and business practices, and best of all an amazing sense of humour. I wish nothing but the best for Philippe in all his future endeavours!
    Doreen B.
  • I worked closely with Philippe in 2009-2010 while he was the Practice Leader of Fragomen Canada Co., the Canadian office of a global immigration law firm. I observed first-hand as Philippe succeeded in growing the practice during a period when many businesses were struggling through the economic downturn. I believe he achieved this growth through: dedication to client service; a highly effective management style; and smart, strategic thinking applied to the operation of the practice, as well as to his practice of law in general. I like to believe that I have picked up some of his tricks along the way!
    Daniel K.
  • Philippe is one of the few lawyers who have fulfilled our business needs rather than just being a lawyer. We engaged Philippe last year to facilitate work visa to our employees in Canada. This was time sensitive in nature and we needed someone trustworthy and I am glad, we made the right choice. He is a fun person to work with, expert in his field, meticulous, a great captain and easy accessible when you need him. It would have been very difficult for us to work in Canada without his advice and great work from his team. We are looking to expand more business ties with him. All the best !!
    Salil K.
  • Having worked with Phil on various occasions, I can say that he is an efficient, trustworthy, and highly skilled global immigration professional. He holds the highest and strictest standards in work ethics and service quality while remaining personable and easy to deal with. He has also proven to be an effective manager as well as a dedicated team player while working at Fragomen. For all these reasons, I highly recommend him and have no doubt that anyone who will work with him in the future is bound to experience the same level of satisfaction and trust.
    Melik B.
  • Phil was a highly committed, efficient and knowledgeable team leader, supervising a sizeable group of mobility professionals. The Canadian branch of the organization's operations flourished under his leadership and he could be consistently counted on at all times, particularly when emergencies arose.
    Ralph D.
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Phil when he was the Practice Leader for Fragomen. He was an innovative and inspiring leader who took every opportunity to engage his employees. He took an active role in conflict resolution discussions and his open-door policy made it easy for his employees to address all issues in an effective manner. His insight, dedication and integrity are second to none. He is one of those rare coaches who are both logical and creative and I acquired a great wealth of legal and business knowledge due to his effective mentoring style."
    Jaclyn W.
  • I have known Phil Tremblay for several years. I have referred several colleagues, clients and employees to him for immigration services. Phil has been a pleasure to work with. He is consistently effective, courteous and efficient. He gets the job done. His fees are reasonable. I continue to refer people to Phil. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending him.
    Martin R.
  • I had the privilege to work for Phil at Emigra Canada for 8 months. Personally, I have a unique perspective on Phil's capabilities and merit because I was with Emigra prior to Phil's arrival and I witnessed the improvements that he brought and it was truly amazing. He created a positive working environment for the entire office, his knowledge and personality made him the ideal mentor and leader of our team. With Phil as our Country Manager, our efficiency went up and our work volume increased. My time with Phil was nothing but positive and I believe that he would be a valuable addition to any work environment.
    Andrea H.
  • While at Ericsson Canada, I had the pleasure of working with Phil Tremblay on all of our immigration activities bringing employees into Canada and sending them out on assignments across the globe. Phil was extremely customer-focused responsive, and flexible, committed to delivering on our business needs. He is very personable, engaging and he is an excellent communicator who is able to explain very complex immigration issues in an easily understood manner.
    Alison J.
  • "Phil Tremblay has proven to be an invaluable resource for Emigra and our clients. A constant source of consultative and comprehensive immigration counsel, Phil's years of experience and extensive education in the immigration industry make him an exceptional resource for clients and colleagues, alike. Phil's ability to identify strategic solutions for our global clients and the myriad complex circumstances of their employees is a testament to his knowledge of the law and drive for client satisfaction. It's a joy to work with him as a colleague; a sentiment echoed by all our clients."
    Benjamin D.
  • I had the chance to work with Philippe on several clients; he's very effective, practical and reliable. We also invite Philippe to lecture at our Canadian PwC Tax conference in 2010
    Jean M.
  • I had the privilege of working with Philippe at a time where the company was experiencing a huge amount of growth. It was a high volume, high stress environment. Philippe was determined and focused to succeed which reflected positively to the staff. Through his leadership, we all worked very hard to make the business successful. Employees always felt Philippe was approachable and generally cared about them and the company's future. Philippe is a manager who naturally acts as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. Philippe exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities translated in his ability to motivate the team to care about their work and be invested in the company’s success. Philippe is the go-to person for conflict resolution and problem solving; he is able to diffuse tension and induce compromising. Though he’s never one to draw attention to himself, his positive attitude and the respect others feel toward him is evident. It would be an honour to work with Philippe again in the future! I wish him all the best!
    Donna B.
  • I had the opportunity to work with Philippe for nearly two years. I was impressed by his corporate immigration expertise, unique managerial style, and excellent sense of humour. He is definitely a resourceful asset to any hiring partner and I wish him the very best of luck in his career!
    Cosmina M.